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Freeze storage units

A common type of application we at DehuTech supply dehumidifiers for are freeze storages.

When the temperature of the air handled is below -25°C, the unit must be adapted accordingly. DehuTech freeze storage dehumidifiers are equipped with 100mm insulation and special heaters that are designed to work optimally during these special conditions.

Royal College of Music

Fuktkontroll AB, the parent company of DehuTech AB, have recently delivered climate and desiccant cooling units to the Royal college of music in Stockholm. A total of 12 systems have been installed with air flows ranging from 450 to 30 000m3/h. The desiccant cooling units makes sure that the comfortable climate is maintained during the summer time. In the winter, the units provide moisture recovery of the delicate environments inside.

Large order for outdoor rental units.


We are glad to report that DehuTech recently received a large order for outdoor rental dehumidifiers. The units are specialized versions of our DT-2000.

All units fulfill ErP2015

We are pleased to tell you that the fans in all our standard desiccant dehumidifiers fulfill the ErP2015 energy efficiency directive.

New product series, Multi-units


We have expanded our range of units with the DT-Multi units. With air flows from 440 m3/h, they deliver treated air to e.g. laboratories, archives, museums or other applications that need an all year constant humidity and temperature level. The units are equipped with desiccant dehumidification, heating, cooling and humidification. For mor information, please contact DehuTech.