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New version of the DT-210

New version of the DT-210

We are glad to inform you that we are now introducing a new version of the DehuTech DT-210.

The new version has a more cost efficient casing, but we still use the same high quality internal components. We have also upgraded the fans to more modern versions.

The unit also has a pushing reactivation air fan instead of a pulling wet air fan, which will increase the lifetime of the fan and enable you to use the unit even when the wet air outlet temperature is high.

The dehumidification capacity and airflows are the same as before.

Thank you for 40 years

Today we celebrate our mother company’s Fuktkontroll AB 40th anniversary! We’re excited to have reached such a large milestone.

We would like to thank our professional staff and wonderful customers that’s been with us on this journey. Helping us create state of the art dehumidifiers, probably the best there is. Installed all around the world – keeping you on top of your moisture problems!

New model range


DehuTech are happy to inform that we are introducing a new product range. Upgrading the popular DT-4500 and DT-5800 and introducing the DT-7000 and DT-9000.

* Process air flows between 4500 – 9000 m3/h.
* Dehumidification capacities between 24 – 50 kg/h.
* Reactivation power between 36 kW to 72 kW.
* EC-fans as standard.
* PLC with touch screen as standard.
* 30 mm insulated casing as standard.
* Powder coated casing as standard.

New distributor in Greece

DehuTech AB has appointed VIELFYS S.A. to market the DehuTech dehumidifiers on the Greek market.

VIELFYS S.A. has been manufacturing pharmaceutical products since 1951, and specialises in packaging materials and solutions for machinery and equipment for both solid and liquid forms for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry.

Contact VIELFYS S.A. on +302106893575 or info@vielfys.gr.